Wood Burning Stove Installation and Maintenance Guide

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Step 1

Bolt on the legs, remembering only ever to hand tighten any bolts as the cast iron can split if tightened too much.

 Step 2

Spread a generous amount of ready-made fire cement around both of the logburner flue outlets and screw the flue connector and blanking plate in position. Wipe away the excess cement.

 Step 3

Lift the stove into the position you require. NEVER DRAG THE STOVE OR YOU WILL RISK BREAKING THE LEGS OR POSSIBLY LOOSENING THE TOP. Spread a liberal amount of fire cement round the inside or outside of the flue connector and place the flue in position. Light your fire, which will dry the cement.

 Step 4

With the Adorne, Aurora, Country Kiln 22, Celtic Kiln and La Fille stoves you will have an extra internal plate. This is the smoke deflector & removable baffle/throat plate. Place this in the body of the wood stoves at a 45 degree angle from the centre at the back to just above the door. You will find 4 notches inside your wood stoves to sit the plate on.

 Step 5

The stove must undergo a period of ‘running-in’ to season the cast so it does not expand too quickly. For full instructions on this technique visit our ‘Season your Stove’ section. [LINK]

In correctly used stoves the fire is controlled by air vents. For faster wood burning open these as this draws in air. For slower wood burning close these. The stoves heat to very high temperature during firing. Do not touch without adequate protection from the heat. Do not over-fire the stove.

Each stove has a kilowatt rating. That is the approximate maximum temperature the casting is able to cope with. It has nothing to do with the heat production which depends on what fuel you use and how much of it you use. If you require less heat burn a smaller fire using less wood, coal or fuel. If you build too large and too warm a fire and your wood stove becomes visibly too warm (by way of white or red hot on the casting, internally or externally) spray the fire down with water using a plant spray and close the air vents. Open air vents result in faster wood burning, closed air vents cause a slower burn. The airwash vents are at the top are best kept half-open once the fire has matured.

You will need to tweak the vents to minimise smoke omissions as each chimney is different and the weather can also change the draw from the chimney.

For overnight burning close all the air flow dials and dampen the fire down by covering it with a coating of coal dust or dross. Overnight burning is a skill which has to be developed over time. Some people never manage to learn this skill; others pick it up within about a month. For those who have never tended or lit fires before it does take about a month to get good fire lighting and tending skills.

Over the course of a correctly-used stove’s life you will require to engage in some basic maintenance. This will involve cleaning the glass - which is best done with water and vinegar or with oven cleaner like Fairy Power Spray.

You may need to re-seal the joints with fire cement after which you may choose to blacken it, either with stoves black, boot polish or high temperature paint.

You will also need to replace the stove rope or re-stick the existing rope. This is done with stove rope glue.

You may also need to fit new glass. When fitting glass the screws must only be hand tight or you may crack your replacement glass or cast glass holder.

If your multi fuel stoves have a free spark guard, the wire mesh section has two hooks which sit on the lip of the base at the door. The L shape bracket goes through the mesh and the cast iron knob is attached with two nuts. This is the handle which twists the guard off and on the stove.

Should you not be confident with these instructions and are unsure of the correct way to install and maintain these wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves we recommend you employ an experienced installer.

All stoves should be installed in accordance with the relevant Building Regulations (Section J in England and Wales and Section L in Scotland.

If you would like more details or assistance with the installation of a Country Kiln Wood Burning Stove please email your query to sales@woodburningstoveslimited.com (The Country Kiln team respond to all emails within 24 hours) or call 01560 483966 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm GMT or Saturday 10am to 1pm

wood burning stoves by country kiln