Will my stove do an overnight burn?

As a general rule of thumb, any stove with a 16 inch depth, or greater, will do an overnight burn. We are aware that experienced fire-lighters are able to keep smaller stoves like the Aurora lit overnight, but for a novice fire lighter - if an overnight burn is essential – a stove with depth makes most sense.

To achieve an overnight burn:

Close all the air flow dials and dampen the fire down by covering the flame and fuel with a coating of coal dust or dross.

Overnight burning is a skill which has to be developed over time. Some people never manage to learn this skill; others pick it up within about a month.

Personally, even though we are eco engineers and work every day with wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves we do not seek to achieve a stoves overnight burn on a regular basis since discovering 20 years ago that friends who succeed in overnight burning with wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves had fuel bills twice to one third larger than those who do not burn overnight in their stoves. The depth of a wood stove is important in this technique and anything with a 16 inch depth or more should comfortably stay lit overnight.

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