Why invest in Wood Burning Stoves

Why invest in a Wood Burning Stove.

Open fires may be romantic however they are not a cheap way to heat your home as they are not very energy efficient at around 10% to 20%. Wood burning Stoves are much more efficient, at around 70-90 percent, so you get the benefit of a real fire without most of your money going up the chimney. 

Even after factoring in the cost of installation and accessories your woodburner will start saving you money immediately by reducing the need to have other sourse of heating on. If your home has an open plan layout, or you keep the internal doors open so the logburner does more than just heat the room it is in, you can save more on heating costs from the residual heat. 

The installation of wood burning stoves must comply with building regulations. At Country Kiln we have all sat exams on these regulations so the easiest way to do this is phone Country Kiln for advice. Call 01560 483966 

The chimney may need to be lined before the woodburner or multi fuel stove can be installed. Homes dating from the mid-1960s onwards may already have had a concrete or clay liner fitted when they were built. At Country Kiln we have stove installers nationwide who can check our the chimney no matter the age of your home. One of the benefits to having your chimney lined is greater energy efficiency. A chimney which leaks smoke out half way up must be lined. 

Wood, so long as it is sustainably sourced, is more environmentally friendly than oil or gas and subject to fewer price rises. Freshly cut wood contains a lot of water, so you have to dry it out, otherwise called seasoning it, before you can burn it. This can take as long as three years. You can buy wood that has already been seasoned, or season it yourself, using a log store. In a log store air must be able to circulate round the logs enabling them to dry out. 

All Country Kiln Stoves are multi fuel stoves. A multi fuel stove  is a stove which can burn wood, coal and peat either alone or in combinations. This means a greater variety of temperature and burn length can be obtained especially in the winter months. At Country Kiln we burn wood March to November and then mix on coal with the wood throughout the colder months. 

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