Why are your wood burning stoves so affordable?

multi fuel stoves by country kiln

Our reasonable prices are a result of the way we have structured our business.

Our financially prudent approach allows us to make savings on costs and we pass those on to our customers. In essence, we are careful with our spending and our overheads which allows us to sell our stoves at reasonable prices.

We have no sales team - we are solid fuel and stove engineers and there are no unnecessary parts to our process which might increase the costs of our operation.

We design the stoves, we make the stoves and we sell the stoves. These stoves are our Country Kiln branded and trademarked product and we are very proud of them and of the value and service we are able to offer to customers.

With our stoves you can reduce your exposure to ever-increasing fuel bills in an environmentally positive way without a huge outlay. The cost of a Country Kiln stove should be returned to you in your first year of use through enhanced fuel efficiency and extra warmth in your home.

Country Kiln Stoves are a minimum of 65% efficient so changing from an open fire to one of our stoves means an enormous saving on fuel efficiency and fuel costs. (Open fires are only 2-10% fuel efficient.) Further savings can be made upgrading to a larger stove, becoming your main heat source with the oil turned down or the gas removed.

We are passionate about the environment and our stoves are amongst the most eco-friendly and sustainable sources of green heating. Wood is one of very few fuels that are renewable in our lifetime (most other sources of power come from fossil fuels that take many thousands of years to evolve and are being consumed faster than they can be replenished by nature). The CO2 consumed by trees whilst growing is higher than the CO2 output from burning wood on your Country Kiln Stove, reducing harmful emissions.

If you would like more details or assistance with the installation of a Country Kiln Wood Burning Stove please email your query to sales@woodburningstoveslimited.com (The Country Kiln team respond to all emails within 24 hours) or call 01560 483966 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm GMT or Saturday 10am to 1pm.

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