What would be the annual maintenance of my wood burning stove?

Over the course of your stove`s life you will require to engage in some basic maintenance. This will be cleaning the glass which is best done with water and vinegar or with oven cleaner like Fairy Power Spray. You may need to re-seal the joints with fire cement or heat resistant mastic, you may choose to blacken it either with stove black, boot polish or high temperature paint. You will also require to replace the stove rope or re-stick the existing stove rope round the stove door and round the glass of the logburner . This is done with stove rope glue. You may also require to fit new glass. When fitting glass the screws must only be hand tight or you may crack your replacement glass or cast glass holder. 

You should also have your chimney cleaned at least once each year. We recommend using the services of a professional chimney sweep for this. Please note that lining a chimney does not mean that it never has to be cleaned, lined or unlined a working chimney should be cleaned at least once a year. 

Here is a photograph of what came out of a chimney being swept in autumn which had not been used since spring. 

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