What is a temporary and invisible plug of cold air?

When temperatures drop suddenly and the chimney has been left to go cold an invisible plug of cold air can form in the chimney. The result of this is that the chimney is plugged and pushes smoke back down and out of the logburner. This can occur overnight if temperatures drop rapidly. This can also occur where a chimney has not been used for a while and is known to be clean i.e. not blocked with a birds nest.

To encounter this cold air plug generally comes as a surprise to the user of the multi fuel stove.

The solution to this is very simple. Allow the fire you have created to extinguish as rapid or normal fireing of your stove will not generally assist in this matter and then light a small fire using papers only followed by some kindling wood. The idea is to gently increase the internal temperature of your chimney which will remove the cold air plug.

If this problem persists there is the possibility that your chimney has become blocked either by a bird, birds nest or a breach. If this persists it is best to contact your local professional chimney sweep.

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Cold airplus stove chimney 

Solution: Burn papers to heat chimney gently which disperses the plug