What is downdraught?

Downdraught is a burst of smoke caused by external air pressure from outside a house pushing smoke back down your chimney and out of your wood burning stoves. The severity of downdraught can vary from a small burst in ceratin weather conditions to intermittent smoke bursts on a regular basis.

The cartoons below should explain some of the causes, if your home is near trees, hills or tall buildings for example. The solution to this happening with your wood burning stoves is the installation of an anti-down draught cowl on top of your chimney. If you are experiencing such symptoms, which are thankfully rare, prior to purchasing an anti-down draight cowl it is always a good idea to look and see which cowls are being successfully used on neighbours homes in your area where wood burning stoves or multi fuel stoves are installed. At Country Kiln we do not advice the purchase of a diagnostic cowl ie a cowl which solves a diagnosed problem such as down draught until such issues have been encountered. We are here to try to save you money. Many people have woodburning stoves or multi fuel stoves installed near trees or in valleys without any down draught issues whatsoever.

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