What is airwash? Will my stove's glass stay clean?

wood burning stoves multi fuel stoves Airwash is a feature on all of our Country Kiln Stoves. It is part of the airflow system and assists in keeping the stove’s glass clean. The thing that makes the glass go black quicker than anything is using damp fuel. Nowadays there are good oven cleaners which clean the glass in a worst case scenario.

The other common thing which causes the glass to go black is incorrect use of the top air flow controls. To correctly use Airwash you half-open the top vents once the fire is mature. This circulates the smoke in the correct manner, deflecting from the glass. Running the stove very low can also sometimes cause blackening of the glass, so if this happens during the running in period, don't worry.

Customer Roy Brocklebank emailed in with an olde worlde tip, which he uses on his stove’s glass: "A cheaper, free, method which is also cleaner, quicker and easier is wood ash. Each morning I wet a newspaper, dip it in wood ash, wipe the glass clean in a moment and polish with a Kleenex. Then I put the wet ball of newspaper into the stove’s fire base. Job done. I vacuum the wood ash daily and put the wood ash bag on the compost heap."

And Norman Bartholomew says "I have a great tip for you which you might like to share, this was discovered on a recent trip to County Meath in Ireland. If you rub old ash onto the inside windows of your stove (while cold) it stops them sooting up. It works brilliantly." 

At Country Kiln we put our wood ash into our chicken hut to strengthen the egg shells!

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