Season your Stove

multi fuel stoves by country kiln

Wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves must undergo a period of running-in to season them so their cast does not expand too quickly. To achieve this seasoning you should light small fires for the first week, gradually increasing the burning over that period.

In the old days the seasoning of wood stoves and multi fuel stoves was done outside, prior to installation, with a flue pipe added to the stove (to mimic the internal pull of a chimney). These days this external method is not in fashion. During running-in it is acceptable to allow the fire to extinguish and later to be started again.

If you are burning mainly wood and find it burns too fast, try closing the bottom air flow controls. If wood in the stove continues to burn too fast remove the multi-fuel grate and also remove the ash pan. Burn the wood on a bed of the ashes remaining thereafter never full clean out the logburners, always leave some of the wood ash in place to protect the stoves base.

If your wood is not burning too quickly, keep the multi fuel grate in and control the fire by opening and closing the bottom air flow controls.

The best wood to use for burning is dry seasoned wood.

If burning mainly coal leave it in the multifuel grate for best results.

After a summer without fireing your stove it is always sesnible to start again with just small fires. Although a woodburner does not require to be formally seasoned more than once, it is just sensible to start again with small fires for a day or two. 

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