My chimney was capped off years ago can I still have a wood burning stove?

Yes you can, even if you have had your chimney removed at either the top or the bottom leaving only half or three quarters of the original brick built chimney we can supply the parts to repair your chimney for use with a logburner or multi fuel stoves in a cost effective manner for either DIY or Supply and Fit by a professional stoves installer. 

It is best, in the circumstance of having only half your chimney remaining, to phone Sue, our chimney specialist, to discuss your requirements. 

If you would like more details or assistance with the installation of a Country Kiln Wood Burning Stoves please email your query to (The Country Kiln team respond to all emails within 24 hours) or call 01560 483966 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm GMT or Saturday 10am to 1pm

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