I have a thatched cottage, can I have a stove?

Certainly, there seems to be a debate when it comes to installing a woodburner into a thatched cottage. There is no disagreement that the chimney has to be lined for preservation of the thatch and a spark arrester cowl fitted, however there is a debate in what the chimney should be lined with when installing stoves in a thatched cottage. Some say the stove’s chimney should be lined with 914 grade flexible stoves liner, others say it requires to be lined with twin wall insulated flue pipe (i.e. building a second Class 1 chimney using twin wall stoves flue pipe inside the existing one). 

We do not have a lot of thatched cottages in Ayrshire so it may be best to check locally with a thatch preservation group and/or building control office as the answer to the debate on installation of a woodburner into a thatched cottage seems to vary from region to region.

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