I have removed my internal plates. Help!

There are four internal plates. You take the tallest plate and, with the cast brick at the bottom facing outward into the stoves belly, you insert that plate up to the back wall of the stove. Next are two which are the same size: these go in, one to left of the logburner and one to the right. One of these plates has a notch on the side of it, which is the plate that sits to the left of the logburner, beside the door (the notch provides space for the door latch). Both of these plates have a cast brick at the bottom which should face into the stove’s belly.

Next comes the coal grate, placed on the stove’s base.

Finally. the 45 degree throat plate. (With the Country Kiln 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 stoves you will have an extra internal plate.) This is the smoke deflector and removable baffle/throat plate. This should be placed in the stove’s body at a 45 degree angle from the middle at the back, rising to just above the door of the woodburner. You will find 4 notches inside your stove on which it sits.  The plate for the Country Kiln 1 and 31 stoves sits horizontally.

The final act should be to have a cup of tea!

And, if you can`t manage this, don`t phone us frazzled, calm down before you call!