How to use multi fuel stoves

wood burning stoves by country kiln Country Kiln stoves are both wood burning and multi fuel. This means the stoves are capable of burning, wood, coal, peat, either alone or mixed together.

I have never burnt peat so can not advise on the burning of peat although I am aware Counntry Kiln multi fuel stoves are used successfully for this in places such as the Hebrides. Possibly a Stornoway resident would consider writing how peat is used on a multi fuel stove.

We usually use the multi fuel stoves in this manner: We start with rolled up paper and kindlers, kindling wood which we light, once that has taken fire. we add our logs and get the fire blazing by opening the bottom air flow controls on the multi burner. This is to produce instant and immediate heat. Tom always says his first fire is his best fire. Once the logs have taken and are heating the area, after about ten to fifteen minutes, we close the bottom air flow controls and aim for glow. It is important to remember the aim with multi fuel stoves or wood burning stoves is glow, not flame. So, first the quick heat, with the stoves bottom air flow controls open, then close the bottom airflows and aim for glow.

If we are in spring or summer time we would continue to use the stove as a logburner, burning wood only.

In winter, however, when temperatures here drop between minus 5 to minus 15, we will add coal on top of the logburning. Coal in such temperatures gives a deeper longer heat and requires less attention, less stoking of the stove. Again the aim is glow not flame.

It is quite possible not to burn logs or wood at all on Country KIln Multi Fuel stoves. Simply light the paper and kindling wood, then add the coal.

With Country Kiln Stoves being both multi fuel stoves and wood burning stoves you are given more choice as to the style of heating, style of running and also the most cost effective way to operate.

If you would like more details or assistance with the installation of a Country Kiln Wood Burning Stoves please email your query (The Country Kiln team respond to all emails within 24 hours) or call 01560 483966 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm GMT or Saturday 10am to 1pm

multi fuel stoves by country kiln