How do I light a fire?

First, remember the stove requires to be ‘run-in’. See our specific section on How Do I Season My Stove for full details of running in.

In our experience the best way to get a fire going is to:

1.       Roll some sheets of newspapers into knots; place them in a pile in your stove’s belly.

2.       Place small twigs or kindlers over these as if one was building a tiny wigwam in the stove, firelighters can be optionally inserted into this pile. We warn against the use of petrol or fire accelerants.

3.       Set light to the pile of fuel in the stove’s belly.

4.       Once this has taken light and the wood warms, add more kindling sticks and one or two logs and/or bits of coal.

5.       Wait until this has taken to burn and add several more logs and/or more coal to your stoves.

6.       It is important in this fire building stage that the fire is given air to ignite so space should be left between each log or coal and the bottom air vents on the stove       left fully open.

7.       Once this second lot has been well lit place logs and/or coal on to suit your temperature requirements and adjust or close the bottom vents.

8.       When the fire is mature, half open the top vents to take advantage of the airwash. Make sure when you open these you don't release smoke. With a fire in a wood burning stove you are aiming for glow not flame. Flame is for open fires which are dramatically less efficient.

Generally, for those of us with no fire lighting experience the skill of fire lighting and tending takes around one month to master.

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