How Do I Change My Stoves Glass?

Stoves glass is capable of withstanding temperature of around 600 degrees C. It is high temperature glass. This, however, does not mean that it is unbreakable. 

The cause of stove glass breaking can be dropping on the hearth during cleaning, closing the door onto a log burning which impacts on the stove glass, or over time, the stove rope flattening which means that glass begins to touch the cast of the stove, the cast of the stove may then conduct heat above 600 degrees C which can cause a crack. 

Replacing stove glass may be required during the life of the stove or it may not. 

It is recommended when replacing the stove glass to replace the stove rope around the glass. 

To replace stove glass you will require to unscrew the screws which hold on the glass clips. The screws and clips are steel. The screws will have experienced high temperature, possibly over a number of years. They may be stiff to unscrew. Spraying with WD40 may assist in loosening however we are being told that the best thing to use to loosen the screws is vinegar. Soak the screws in vinegar. Undo the screws, clips. Remove the glass. 

Next remove the old stove rope and clean the groove in which the stove rope was positioned thoroughly, by running a screw driver round the grooves. 

This is the removal now complete. 

Trace round the groove with stove glue. Ordinary glue can not be used for this job, stove rope glue is high temperature glue.  

Now place your rope into the groove. Place the glass into position. Replace the clips and then HAND TIGHTEN the screws to hold the glass in place.