Do I need to line my chimney?

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If your chimney is in good order with no leaks, i.e. no leaks of smoke into your upstairs rooms or your attic (or your neighbour’s house, in the case of a semi-detached property), then the answer is no, you do not need to line your chimney - nor is there anything in Building Regulations which states that you must. The rule here is no leak, no liner.

In a shop, or on other websites, you are dealing with sales people who may try to persuade you of the need for chimney lining. At Country Kiln Stoves we are engineers, not sales folk. We have heard that sales people in shops are attempting to pressure you by mis-selling a chimney lining kit you do not need. Building Regulations Part J (Sections 1.36 – 1.39 state a chimney only requires relining if the chimney is defective) applies in this instance.

We also should point out that many chimneys are already lined with concrete or pumis. If you look inside your chimney you maysee that the inside of it is circular, which indicates it is already lined. At Country Kiln Stoves we hear regularly of sales people attempting to sell flexible chimnmey liners to customers to line an already solidly lined chimney.

Lining a defective chimney 

You must line your chimney, chimney top to stove, if it is defective (i.e. leaks smoke into your house, attic or your neighbour’s house). We can supply full lining kits for this purpose.

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