Country Kiln Stoves Customer Reviews


Dear Tom and Sue

We bought our wood burning stoves from you back in spring 2012 and have waited to write a review of the wood burning stoves and multifuel stoves until now (9 months later) because we wanted to put the wood burning stoves to regular use. The wood burning stoves are brilliant. Wish we had had a wood burning stoves years ago! The price was so reasonable compared to Scandinavianwood burning stoves. The stove is easy to clean out, easy to light and gives great heat. What more can you ask of a wood burner! We just cannot fault the wood burning stoves. We would recommend your wood burning stoves to anyone.

Best wishes for the festive season

Helen Varley

Hi Both,

Just a quick word to say how pleased we are with the wood burning stoves. The wood burning stoves has not been out for three weeks day or night! You were absolutely correct in that we can not believe how much heat can be produced from so little wood!

Very Best Regards, Griff Griffiths

Hello Sue

Having taken delivery of a Country Kiln 3 wood burning stoves and a Country Kiln 22 wood burning stoves in October 2010, we had the intention of tiling the floor before installing the wood burning stoves. However, we then let the house until May this year.

We have moved in now, Pepe finally tiled the floor and Jesus built the brick hearth for the wood burning stoves Pad and Keith (who also purchased a couple of wood burning stoves from you) installed the wood burning stoves this last week and we have had the wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves on for a few days now, just in time for the cold and rainy season. I am pleased to send you a photo of the Country Kiln 3 wood burning stoves.

We are extremely pleased with the wood burning stoves. We had 2 Belgian cast iron wood burning stoves before, which we absolutely loved. We even contemplated un-installing the wood burning stoves and bringing them over here. But since the stoves are nearly a decade old, we decided against that and purchased 2 wood burning stoves from you instead.

We had such joy from our Belgian wood burning stoves and we´ve heard such horror stories from many who own "estufas" wood burning stoves around here, about how their stoves never seem to function properly so we felt we were so blessed with our Belgian wood burning stoves and were worried if the Country Kiln wood burning stoves would live up to the same standards........we needn´t have worried at all. We are amazed at how efficiently your wood burning stoves work, we are burning wood at such a slow rate and getting such wonderful warmth we simply can´t believe it and we are so glad that we chose your wood burning stoves. One of our Spanish neighbours asked us why we didn´t just purchase a couple of wood burning stoves from around here. Our answer was that since Scotland experience the cold quite so much, they certainly will know how to make goodwood burning stoves!! We have no hesitation in recommending your wood burning stoves.

Thank you and All our very best

Jonathan & Mei Gibb, Andalucia

Hi Tom and Sue,

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service I received this week. I ordered my wood burning stoves parts Monday and had the new parts for the wood burning stoves were installed and working by Tuesday teatime.

If you ever decide to add a testimonials section to your website (which as a marketing person I’d recommend you do) I’d be more than happy to write glowing reference for your wood burning stoves!

Thanks again, Susan