Country Kiln Stoves Customer Reviews

Hi Tom & Sue,

Just a note to say thank you. I paid for the Country Kiln 22 wood burning stoves , and received a phone call from the courier within 48 hours later to arrange delivery. Could not believe the wood burning stoves here so quick. It took a while to sort out the fireplace before I could install the wood burning stoves , as I had to remove the existing open fireplace, but now it is in place. What can I say. The wood burning stoves fantastic, easy to light and warm enough to put me out of the room, and thats just with lighting the small fires to temper the cast! Without doubt, it has been money well spent.I have no hesitation in recommending Woodburning Stoves Limited to friends who have been asking me about the wood burning stove . The service has been brilliant and the wood burning stoves way exceedeed my expectations in terms of quality and finish. I had been looking at wood burning stoves in retailers over here in Northern Ireland and was being asked to pay £1000 more for something that simply was not as good! Are you sure you aren't underselling your wood burning stoves ??

I am truly delighted with the wood burning stove . Thank you again.


Victor Clegg

Good morning. We received our "Little Cottage" wood burning stove yesterday, the courier was very helpful. The wood burning stoves could not have been a better fit even had it been custom made. The quality is without question top class and excellent value. Once we have sorted out our conservatory (where to put the flu) we plan to fit another of your wood burning stoves later this year. Many thanks Tony & Diana Jackson. Wiltshire

Dear Sue

I've been meaning to write to you for some time now. Our Woodmaster wood burning stoves arrived as specified, the driver friendly and helpful - ours is not the easiest get-in, with a very narrow, unevenly-paved alley and two gates. Assembly was a doddle, and all was up and running and fired within a day. Since delivery in the summer, we've had plenty of opportunities to test thewood burning stoves capacity to keep us warm: it does, and then some. Also a great asset when proving bread! Visitors can't believe the price when they see - and feel - the quality. It's also provided me with hours of fun. There's something about men and fires ...So, thanks. Thanks for all your help and advice over the phone, the excellent delivery service and a product of great value and quality.

David and Chris Guthrie



Dear Sue and Tom

Just a brief note to say that we are absolutely delighted with our little woodburning stove. I do not bother trying to keep it in overnight, although most mornings there are sufficient embers to start a fire with a little kindling wood. If the wood burning stoves out it takes about five minutes to make a roaring fire. We then damp it down and it burns cleanly and efficiently all day. It uses twelve to fifteen 25cm logs over a fourteen hour period and gives off sufficient heat to not only heat our kitchen (5metres x 4metres) but a small sitting room off the kitchen which is of equal size. We had bought a highly efficient electric ceramic heater to heat this room. It cost twice as much as thewood burning stove, but we have never had to switch it on!

My most sincere thanks and kind regards

Jeremy Eldridge

Our beautiful woodburner was delivered yesterday, all safe and sound.

Its been installed and fired up. (delivery driver was extremely helpful)

We are all very impressed, it certainly looks and feels the part.

I even managed a wee dram when the work had been completed.

Thanks again


Bernie and family