Can Santa still get down my chimney?

Yes! Traditionally Santa always came down chimneys which had a lit fire or wood burning stoves at the bottom. The reindeer remain parked on the roof. When gas and high rise took over from the traditional solid fuel stoves and people gave up their chimneys Santa had to find ways round the lack of chimneys, but he always remembered how to come down a chimney with a wood burning stove. 

Some people say that Santa has an invisible cloak (tested up to British Safety Standard fire retardant and CE rated of course) that stops him getting burnt when he comes down a chimney. Others just say it is magic. Santa does not hurt himself when he comes down, so do not worry. Santa will be fine and you will still get your presents even with your stove lit.

Is Santa Claus real?  Yes he is. We caught this photo of him on a twin wall flue system last Christmas EveIs santa claus real

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