Can I have a television on the wall above my woodburner?

All over TV, advertisements are showing woodburners in fireplaces with televisions on the wall above. We do not recommend this. We feel this may shorten the lifespan of the TV and, if there was an accidental overfire of the stove, we feel there is a possibility the TV could melt. HOWEVER, this is just our opinion. We have never been informed of any TV melting or being damaged in this manner. 

Factually, I am told that the manufacturer of the TV could be approached to ask what temperature the TV can withstand, alternatively this may be in the operating manual recieved with the TV. We are led to believe this is usually around 30 degrees C.

We are being informed that many stove installers are happy to install woodburners under a TV providing the TV is a minimum of 600mm away from the logburner. Some stoves installers prefer that a mantle piece is between the stove and TV to protect and deflect heat. 

No electric cabling can be run through the chimney when stoves are installed or an open fire is in use.