Are Country Kiln Stoves CE tested and plated?

log multi wood burners by country kiln

All our stoves are CE tested to British and European Safety Standard EN13240.

The CE mark is a mandatory European marking for certain products. You will see two red plates fixed to the back of your stove - these are the CE marks. This means that the stove has a ‘passport’ for use in all European Union member states (and Iceland and Norway) and that to prohibit, impede or restrict the marketing, use or installation of such a product in any member state is illegal.

Stoves in the United Kingdom do not require to be HETAS approved but do need to be CE tested and all of our stoves comply with this requirement.

If you would like more details or assistance with the installation of a Country Kiln Wood Burning Stoves please email your query to (The Country Kiln team respond to all emails within 24 hours) or call 01560 483966 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm GMT or Saturday 10am to 1pm

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